Puppy Max Speaks!

Yo family, Max here.
I was adopted into the LOVE HEELS family last week. This is fun.
So far, my new mommy has kept me well fed, warm and loved. Sweet.
I stayed with my Uncle Tim and Aunt Pip for a night last week, got them a thank you gift but it didn’t make them smile.  Who knew they didn’t want that little mouse scooting across the lawn?  It was cool, somebody said I was a natural mouser.  Is that good?
10-week-old Max tells us like it is..

10-week-old Max tells us like it is..

I have been sleeping all night, except for once.  I had to pee.  Have to protect my record — not one accident in the house.

I know my name, call me and I come running.  I can sit, too. But my best trick is making people melt. See, I’m cute. Well, actually, I am GORGEOUS. Everybody says so, even my new vet, Dr. Candy Lewis.
My sponsor is the Traitel family and my name is Max because Dave Traitel use to be the alpha dog at Nutro Max.  (He retired a couple of years ago.)  I was a Christmas present from his daughter, Dee Anne, and son-in-law Mike Canepa. Nifty gift, I am, for the man who couldn’t think of a single thing to put on his Santa list. He wants me to get matched with a wounded veteran and be a canine companion.
I am going to grow up to be the best dog I can be, with a little help from all of you.
See you in the training room.


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