Puppies In Training

Our Trainers

Wanted: Loving individual with plenty of patience to bring a puppy into your home and heart for 18 months. No experience necessary, our staff of professional “people trainers” will teach you to teach your puppy the working skills he/she will need to become a successful canine companion.

During months of training, you and your puppy will join other puppy raisers for outings to a variety locations, including movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, theme parks and concert halls. Practice makes perfect passengers in trains, trams, cars, buses and planes. Every experience you afford your puppy offers a giant step toward independent living for the disabled person counting on a mature and skilled dog.
Come join us!   LOVE HEELS

Grandmother Beverly, Nick and mom, Michelle welcome Phoebe

Grandmother, Beverly, Nick and mom, Michelle, welcomed Phoebe during a recent event celebrating Phoebe’s pairing with Nick as a service dog puppy-in-training.


Puppy Trainers 1

Jennifer has the attention of seven puppies, including Jagger, Dancer, Shayla, Finnigan and Loki.


Therapy Team 3

Tim has raised Gilmour (right) and is now raising his little brother, Espo. Both dogs work as therapy dogs.


Therapy Team 2

Carina and Otis.


Rascal, Service Dog

Meet Rascal, a full service dog, who is with the Trier family in Sacramento.


Dancer with Denis and Liz

Dennis and Liz helped volunteer as puppy sitters. Here they are with Dancer’s first birthday cake. We need volunteers to take a puppy when our puppy raisers go on vacation. Can you help? For a weekend, or more?
Update: Dancer has been placed with Zander and they are bonding well!



Little Oliver finds a place to take a nap. He is in training.