Who We Are

Who We Are

The LOVE HEELS volunteer family is very grateful to both the Neagley Family and The Canepa Family for their substantial donations, allowing us to purchase several puppies. We also want to acknowledge Nancy Anne Volin for her major support. David, Linda and Dan Neagley have provided the funds to purchase our Spring 2016 puppy. Michael, Dee Anne and Marisa Canepa donated funds to purchase Max and Echo, both in training and ready to place in the coming months.


Nancy Anne Volin, founder and owner of Pampered Pets USA, and her buddy Danny Boy are very generous supporters and a terrific therapy team. Nancy Anne is the baker of all things tasty and tempting. Visit her website at pamperedpetsusa.com. The treats are available at several locations, including Costco.


We are honored to have the Sisters of Nazareth as donors. The Sisters sponsored the training of Recon, who recently graduated and is now in his forever home with his new companion, Jed. See us in action as we visit the residents and staff of Nazareth House San Diego in Mission Valley.

Sisters, Sisters of Nazareth San Diego
We are honored to have the Sisters of Nazareth on board as donors. Not only have the Sisters provided the ideal place to train our service dogs – Nazareth House in Mission Valley, but they keep us close in their hearts and prayers. Thank you for your love and support. See us in action as we visit the residents and staff of Nazareth House San Diego in Mission Valley.

Trixie, Cherri, Tori and AJ

We thank Cherri Bailey and her son, AJ, who donated Charlee Bear, one of our program’s sweetest golden retrievers. They are pictured here with Charlee Bear’s mom, Trixie and his sister, Torrey, who is from the same litter as Charlee Bear.

Toli and Victor HarrisBrothers Toli and Viktor Harris hold puppies Dante and Shadow one last time before the twosome head off for new adventures. Wayne and Patty Harris donated the black lab, Shadow. And, Gabriel and Jenny Lynn Campbell, who purchased the blonde lab, Dante, are busy raising and training him for a working career. Shadow was placed with an occupational therapist who works with children and Dante is a therapy dog.

“We gratefully acknowledge the help and guidance of our mentor, Carol Davis, executive director of Paws’itive Teams. This local non-profit agency has been around for many years, providing service dogs for persons with mobility-limiting disabilities. The tireless dedication of its volunteer trainers have benefited many San Diegans, allowing for more independent lives.”

For more information about this group, please visit them at www.pawsteams.org