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Volunteers have no idea how wonderful the journey with a canine companion can be. It's a magical adventure from the first day. You become both teacher and student. We need your help as much as the person who is waiting for a service dog.

Service Dogs

Lives are changed when a person with a special need is partnered with a trained four-legged buddy. Alert dogs can warn of trouble. New worlds are opened for children with autism. And, war veterans are finding life more tolerable with a little help from a friend.

Therapy Dogs

ometimes the only thing that can bring peace and joy to a lonely or sick person is a dog. You're welcome to sign up for the experience if your dog has the time and temperment. We train and test canine teams as well as offer visiting opportunities.


An army of volunteers -- retired teachers, journalists, military, physicians and social workers -- donate their time and talent to rear and train puppies to partner with people who need a little canine assistance. We have no paid staff.