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Who We Are

LOVE HEELS Canine Partners was formed to meet the special needs of people whose lives are enhanced by teaming with a canine companion. As director of the organization, it’s the most heartwarming job I’ve ever done.

Patricia Dibsie

My sojourn into the world of service dogs began in the 1990s when, as a writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, I interviewed puppy raisers for a national service organization. I was fascinated with the whole process, volunteered to raise one puppy and ended up raising five.

The whole experience turned into a book, “LOVE HEELS.” Sci-Fi author Dean Koontz wrote the forward to the book — the reason it sold tens of thousands editions (proceeds help pay for service dog training).

Never enough trained dogs, though, and that’s when the thought hit me – Why not train one dog to work with lots of special-needs children? Why not teach these puppies dozens of tasks and then place them with health care professionals who work with children one-on-one? Why not?

The need for trained service dogs is huge. Many of my friends came to me with a heart-warming story about a friend or family member in need of a service dog. The waiting lists are long at most organizations.

I am grateful to the many professional trainers who helped me hone my skills. I have come to embrace the idea that the more you know, the more there is to know. Puppies and people – no two are the same. We have a fine group of beginning, intermediate and advanced trainers willing to work with new puppy raisers.

We gratefully acknowledge the time and hard work provided by attorney Sebastian E. Lucier, at Morrison & Foerster. He spent long hours helping us acquire non-profit tax status. That means that any monies you give us can be deducted from your taxes.

There are many worthy groups working to train and place service dogs and we think we are one of the best. If you agree, we need your support in time, talent and funds.

Patricia Dibsie

Founder, Love Heels Canine Partners