Phoebe Meets (and Eats) Snow!


Love Heels puppy extraordinaire Phoebe and her boy Nick checked out the snow at SeaWorld recently with mom Michelle.









Nick loved the snow, but Phoebe would rather eat it than touch it.  She would go only as far as the edge of the snow. The snow was cold on her paws, but it did not stop her from reaching her neck out to eat it! Maybe that’s why she had a tummy ache the next day. All those ice cubes she loves to eat prepared her for her first snow experience.







photo-17Overall, it was a great day at SeaWorld. Everyone admired Phoebe’s cuteness and good manners.


Patricia reports that SeaWorld has always been especially welcoming to Love Heels service dogs. So maybe a trip to SeaWorld is in your dog’s future!

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