Our Four-Legged Conversation Starter

Our star, Dancer

Our star, Dancer

Because Dancer is so approachable, I get approached a lot by people with questions to ask and stories to tell.

I’ve written before about the benefits of having service dog for our son with autism. One of the benefits of having a service dog for this mom of a child with autism is the open invitation to talk that Dancer extends for me.

Being an autism mom can be isolating, so I appreciate all the conversations she’s started for me. I learn so much about other people now just by doing errands.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned lately:

– One man is teaching his dog to be an alert dog for diabetes to detect when someone’s blood sugar is dropping.
– One woman’s dog died recently. We talked about how non-“dog people” just don’t get her grief. I told her that’s because they’ve never been loved by a dog, so they can’t fathom the loss of that deep love.
– One woman recounted how a service dog in training did a perfect down-stay during a meeting, but kept “perfuming” the room. “This will be the only service dog I’ve raised who will flunk out because of farting,” the handler told this woman.

I never feel alone in the world when Dancer is with me and I am so very grateful when she opens up more of the world to me.

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