Here’s Patricia’s latest installment in bringing up Phoe2013-09-04_10-40-08_3be:

Phoebe received her final vaccination yesterday, OUCH.

No, the needle didn’t hurt. It was her not-so- subtle way of shaming Dr. Candy Lewis into offering not one but TWO cookies for all her pain and suffering. She got THREE.

Good news; bad news.

It’s been really hot and humid, not the kind of weather that goes with a thick, lush fur coat. She came home, ate (read: inhaled) her salmon and sweet potato lunch and chewed on extra ice chips(somebody’s teething). She settled in for her usual afternoon nap and by late afternoon was moaning and begging to go outside every other minute to pee. This prize pooch has never had an accident in the house!

Yes, little Miss Phoebe ended up tossing her cookies.

This is not all that unusual. Vaccinations can affect dogs differently. Extra napping or a bum tummy is no cause for alarm. Watch your dog and make sure you keep the dog well hydrated using electrolytes as well as ice chips.

Phoebe is cuddled on my lab and snoring every so sweetly. It seems her suffering over the past few hours is over but mama Dibsie will keep her close overnight.

I expect that she will be her old self by morning. And Saturday morning will find us at the beach for Phoebe’s dip.

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