One of the most poignant points in training your dog in the care facility at Nazareth House is the day you lose a friend.

Dancer had an affinity for Millie, and Millie had an affinity for her. “Oh, I love her fur. I just love the color,” Millie would say each time we’d visit.

Calm as could be, Dancer would relish Millie’s strokes of her coat and the praise she smoothed on her.

I enjoyed Millie’s twinkle, which lit up her smile and laugh.  We’d joke about the money we could make if we could capture Dancer’s fur color in a hair dye. We’d imagine ladies lining up to ask for a “Dancer treatment” from their hairdressers.

Dancer and Scooter at Nazareth House

Dancer and Scooter at Nazareth House

That last time we saw Millie was at her bedside. Dancer’s petite friend Scooter snuggled next to her. Millie’s spark was ignited for a few minutes by the love of this canine friend.

When we learned this week that Millie had passed, I needed a few minutes to compose myself. So I went outside with my consoler-in-chief, Dancer. There’s no better way to get your tears in check than to have them licked away.

When I returned, a new lady summoned Dancer over. “She’s so pretty,” she said as she stroked, “She’s just so pretty.”

Another of the poignant points in training your dog in the care facility of Nazareth House is the reminder of the constant movement of the circle of life.

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  1. Brian Hext says:

    Beautiful story. Am constantly amazed the positive impact a canine can have on one’s life!
    Thanks for sharing.