Jetta: Newest Puppy ‘Recruit’ in Love Heels Family

Exciting puppy news from Patricia: Our newest recruit, Jetta, turned four weeks old Wednesday, May 1, and is growing fast. He will be officially welcomed into the LOVE HEELS family in another four weeks. Cannot wait.

Meanwhile, the breeder, Peggy Poore, keeps us happy with weekly snapshots posted on her website, and we invite you to sneak a peek. It looks like Steele, the puppy with the orange ribbon, will be ours. Peggy reports that he is very cuddly and curious.

Jetta, aka Steele, is sponsored by Kearny Mesa VW and the crew there wants to participate in his training. We like that a lot.

Stay tuned! We have another puppy arriving on planet Earth in two weeks. We’ve asked for a girl, to be paired with a boy who lives with the challenges autism brings him. Nicolas has pictures of mom and dad and is pretty sure his new best canine buddy will be named Phoebe. Or maybe Riley. He’s having fun picking out her name.

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