Cool Pops for Hot Dogs

Dancer, sacked out from the heat, finds her favorite spot on the cool slate.

Dancer, sacked out from the heat, finds her favorite spot on the cool slate.

Now that summer has finally arrived on the San Diego coast, I asked Patricia for some ideas to keep our dogs cool.

1.“Pedialyte popsicles to prevent dehydration,” was her top recommendation. Put the popsicles right in your dog’s bowl. You can make your own by freezing some of the electrolyte solution in ice cube trays as well. (Use the kinds designed for children, like Pedialyte, not the sugary stuff marketed to athletes, like Gatorade, Patricia says.) If your dog doesn’t like the flavors (which are designed to entice kids, not canines), freeze a mixture of half broth and half Pedialyte. (You can also use all these pops when they have tummy troubles.)

2. Remember that summer heat makes some places especially treacherous for our dogs, like parked cars and dark pavement. Don’t leave your dog in a parked car and look for the shady route when walking.

3. Look for breed-specific tips since some dogs are especially susceptible to heatstroke. “Don’t shave your Golden Retrievers, just trim them,” Patricia cautioned.

4. Have a cool spot for your dog to cool down and a take a much-needed summer nap. A stone or tiled floor is perfect. (Dancer’s favorite spot is the slate-covered corner next to the fireplace.)

5. There are a lot of great resources on the web to learn the signs of heatstroke and keep dogs safe in the summer, like these tips from the American Kennel Club:

Hope these tips help your dogs beat the heat. (And I hope the heat helps my tomatoes ripen … finally.)

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