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    Recon’s Graduation

    Posted on May 30, 2014 by in Service Dog Graduation, updates

    Before Recon geared up to head home with his human, Jed Morgan, the muscular service dog with a gentle spirit showed the crowd gathered for his graduation that he was ready to serve. As Patricia put him through the paces, Recon got, gave, sat and behaved. Recon sat at attention as Patricia recalled a chance […]

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    Remembering Joe

    Posted on May 29, 2014 by in Our Dear Friends, updates

    You could spot one of Joe’s dogs a mile away — whistle and they raced to his side waiting for more direction. It all started with a doctor’s prescription to walk off some fat and lower his blood pressure. Joe drafted a neighbor’s dog and walked up a wooded path that led to an eight-year […]

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    Mandy Hops To It!

    Posted on April 19, 2014 by in updates

    This week, Mandy donned her best Easter outfit and entertained the troops at Nazareth House. Love Heels photographer Nancee Lewis captured the action:

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    Posted on April 10, 2014 by in updates

    One of the most poignant points in training your dog in the care facility at Nazareth House is the day you lose a friend. Dancer had an affinity for Millie, and Millie had an affinity for her. “Oh, I love her fur. I just love the color,” Millie would say each time we’d visit. Calm […]

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    Puppy-raiser Needed!

    Posted on March 25, 2014 by in New Puppy-in-Training, Service Dog Training, Service Dogs, Therapy Dog Training, Therapy Dogs, Training, updates

    Wanted: Loving individual with plenty of patience to bring a puppy into your home and heart for 18 months. No experience necessary, our staff of professional “people trainers” will teach you to teach your puppy the working skills he/she will need to become a successful canine companion. During months of training, you and your puppy will […]

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  • ADA Service Dog Regulations

    Posted on March 4, 2014 by in ADA, Service Dogs, updates

    In 2012 the Department of Justice published revised final regulations implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Title II (State and local government services) and Title III (public accommodations and commercial facilities)  in the Federal Register. These requirements, or rules, clarify and refine issues that have arisen over the past 20 years and contain […]

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    Recon Finds his Forever Family

    Posted on February 27, 2014 by in updates

    Good news! It was love at first sight for all of them — Jed, Anna and Recon. The three met for the first time on Monday at Liberty Station, just a meet and greet with no expectations. Jed and Recon just clicked and the canine walked by the tall, former Marine’s side, glancing up occasionally just […]

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    Happy Trails

    Posted on February 13, 2014 by in Autism Service Dogs, New Puppy-in-Training, Service Dog Training, Service Dogs, updates

    Happy Trails The hardest service dog skill for Dancer is ignoring other dogs when she’s trail-walking with her boy or training-trail-walking with me. But after much trial and error, I think I’ve found the right way to keep her focused on my command to “leave it” when another dog walks by. The trick is in […]

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  • Training is a Go!

    Posted on February 3, 2014 by in updates

    Patricia says Nazareth House is ready to accept visitors (human and canine) Tuesday! So we are back on schedule.

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  • No Visits to Nazareth House Next Week!

    Posted on January 24, 2014 by in updates

    Nazareth House is on a “lock down” of sorts because of an outbreak of Norovirus, a nasty stomach bug that is especially hard on older people.  We won’t be training or visiting until the outbreak is over. We will let you know when we’ve got the all clear to come back. Here’s a letter from Nazareth […]

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