• Petiquette 101: Sit, Stay, Come

    In the next few weeks, our visiting trainer, Mary Kay Snyder, will offer pointers on various commands. Our first lesson is SIT/STAY, Parts 1 and 2. Make a copy and read the steps until they are clear in your mind. Then start the training. Refer to the steps as often as you need. The only way to get good at this is with PRACTICE.

    We are offering another command — the RECALL or COME. Again, read and review then tackle the training with your canine. Please email me pdibsie@hotmail.com or Mary Kay marykay@101dograiner.com with any issues, DO NOT WAIT until the next class. There is no such thing as a stupid question, honest.

    These commands are vital to your dog’s safety.

    Practice, practice and then practice more.

    Here are the links to the lessons:

    SIT-STAY-Part 1

    SIT-STAY-Part 2

    RECALL Part 1

    RECAL-“COME” Part 2


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